10" Adult E-Scooter With Suspension

FEATING S009 PRO has suspension on front wheel.

To offer comfortable ride experience on FEATING S009 PRO, fat air-filled tires is one thing, increasing more frictions between electric scooter and roadways, while the suspension added on front wheel is another, reducing shocks due to uneven roadways.

FEATING S009 PRO is the best electric scooter for large size adults.

Upgrading from FEATING S009 10″ wheels with large size vehicle body frame, heavier loading capability and larger capacity of battery power make FEATING S009 PRO definitely the best one for large size adults in eighter Europe or America the best option of buying.

  • 10″ Inflatable Tires
  • 350W Brushless Motor
  • Dual Brake Systems
  • Cruise Control
  • Suspensions On the Front Wheel
  • APP Synchronized

FEATING S009 PRO electric scooter is a light vehicle for short commutes in downtown area and to avoid depressing traffics.


Max Speed: 28km/h
Max Load: 150kgs
Mileage: 65kms
Battery Capacity: 36v 15Ah