8.5" Light Electric Commuter Scooter

FEATING S008 is an electric scooter for adults. 

The very primary purpose of FEATING S008 is for adult use. It uses 8.5″ wheels enable the scooter size large enough for adults. While, the 250w allows max speed go up to 25kmh.

FEATING S008 is lightweight but good for heavy load.

FEATING S008 weights arround 11.5 kgs only in net, which is almost the smallest figure among adult use electric scooters. Anyway, FEATING S008 is good for loading as heavy as up to 120 kgs.

  • Aluminum Alloy Material
  • 8″ Solid Tires
  • Shock Absorption System
  • Brushless Motor
  • Dual Brake System

Riding experiments of FEATING S008 probably could be “quick” or “fast”, because FEATING S008 uses solid wheels, that reduce the frictions between the tires and roads.



Max Speed: 25km/h
Max Load: 100 kgs
Mileage: 30km
Battery Capacity: 36v 7.5Ah