Three Wheels Kid Scooter with LED lights and Music Play

FEATING Q7 is a three wheels kick scooter for young kids. This model is made of LED lights which will light up when the scooter runs. Beside LED, music will be played, too. This three wheels scooter is not powered or power assisted, kids will not have any danders due to the speed they don’t know how to control.

FEATING Q7 is basically made of palstic materials for the housing, while the stem and steering bar are aluminum. They product is lightweight but still able to understake loading up to 50 kgs. It is foldable for spacing saving, good for stroage and purchase delivery. 

  • Folding Design
  • LED lights
  • Music Play
  • Aluminum & Plastic Build Materials

FEATING Q7 is for kids of 3 to 7 years old only. Find it in different colors.



Max Load: 50kgs
Battery Capacity: 24V 2.2Ah