In the tag of Electric Bike, there are answers to the technical questions and/or problem shootings of all models of electric bike.

In the tag of Electric Scooter, there are answers to the technical questions and/or problem shootings of all models of electric scooter.

In Commercial, find answers to the questions and confusion to handling deals with ZHEJIANG ZHENNUO.

The key components consisting of an electric bike refers to Motor, Controller, Battery and Recharger.

The electric bike commonly used for city commute in the sidewalks, high speed is now allowed in most of the countries in the world, that’s why the speed of ebikes is not higher than 25kmh.

How far away can a adult use electric scooter go for?

It is determined by motor and battery capacity.

The motor used determine the speed while the battery determine how long going for, so range = speed x running time, that is what you get.

Anyway, the electric scooters in the markets are designed in the range of 20-60 kms.

What is the common brake system on electric scooter?

Generally and commonly, electric scooter uses dual brake system. One front wheel it is disc brake, known as electronic system, while the other on rear wheel is drum brake, traditional system in physical and manual operations.

Which tire for electric scooter is better between airfilled and solid ones?

Solid tire is not easy to damage and pretty endurant even to tough road conditions, but solid tire is not good in shock absorption that experiences on bumpy roads are not good.

Airfilled tire produce much better ride experience, anyway, try not to get on tough roads often.

Does electric scooter have dual battery system?

Not, electric scooter has single battery system, commonly made to not removable and waterproofed.

How long can the battery of electric scooter last?

1000 cycle life in theory for lithium ion battery.

What is your terms of packing?

Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

What is your terms of payment?

For regular or extreme massive orders, we need to collect 40% of total order value as deposit to start up the production. The balance of 60% deposit paid according to the production according to the signs or actions settled down by mutual agreements.

For small or sampling orders, we require 100% of total value paid in advance.

How long is your delivery time?

Counting it from the production starting date, orders commonly would be finished in 15 -40 days as per order quantities.

Anyway, small or sampling orders could maybe much quicker in 1-3 days, if the required models and quantities could be met by stocks.

What is your terms of delivery?

Basically, we only quoted on Ex-W terms.

Anyway, we will help to connect to shipping service providers to complete the shippment even to buyer’s door.

Can you produce according to the samples?

Sure, this is what we are good at by owning teams in electric, electronics and architecture.

Do you test all your goods before delivery?

Sure, production would be checked time to time in random by QC team. While, all the products would be checked by before put in packages.

What’s your warranty terms?

Basically, we offer 1 year as warranty of the key components. The warranty only effect to the malfunctions due to quality reason, any malfunction due to improper operations or stocking is not in the warranty effect range.

Note: the key components referred in here are the Controller, Motor, Batteries and Recharger.