Off Road Electric Scooter

The fastest heavy duty e-scooter for all terrain types

  • Motor: 500W x 2
  • Battery: 18650 60V/20Ah
  • High Speed: 60km/h (37.3mph)
  • Long Range: 60-80km (37-50 miles)
  • Incline: 25° Uphill
  • Max Load: 200kg (441lbs)

Dual Motor

500W Front & Rear-Wheel Drive


18650 60V 20Ah Lithium Battery


11-inch Big Wheels

Dual Brake

Front & Rear Disc Hydraulic Brakes

Dual Shock Absorbers

Less Bump or Shake

High Speed

The fastest Scooter up to 60km/h (37.3mph)

LED Light

Bright Headlight & Tail Light & Side Light

Strong & Robust

Aluminium Alloy Frame, Foldable

60km/h (373.3mph) The Fastest

S012 with the top speed of 60kph is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market, suitable for professional riders and outdoor activities enthusiasts, making a thrilling adventure in nature.

Dual 500W Motors

Front and rear- wheel drive allows for a fast and smooth acceleration. 500W powerful motors easily tackle up to 25-degree uphill and bring you a fast speed of up to 60km/h (37.3mph).

High Capacity Battery Makes Long Range Scooters

Battery capacity can be customized.
60V 20Ah 18650 Lithium battery makes a long range scooter, 60 – 80km (37 – 50 miles), to spare you the trouble of repeated charging.

Big Wheels

Compared with tubeless tires, 11 inch pneumatic tires adjust well to bumpy rough terrain, to provide you with a more comfortable ride. Moreover, they also have a thicker tread, fraction and traction to drive on loose and uneven surface.

Dual Brakes

Disc Hydraulic brakes on the front and rear wheels are the one of the highest-performance brakes, to stop the electric scooter quickly and safely at a high speed.

Dual Shock Absorbers

Front and rear hydraulic suspensions give you a smoother ride over pothole-filled city streets, hilly, leafy suburbs, and rough mountain terrain.

LCD Display

Easy to read the battery power, current speed, and how long you have run.

Fast to Fold

Quickly fold up into a small size, easy to carry in the car trunk for simple transport.