Folding Electric Scooter

The lightest and most portable electric scooter for city commuting

  • Motor: 250W/24V
  • Custom Battery: 24V/4-10Ah
  • High Speed: 25km/h (15.5mph)
  • Long Range: 15-30km (9.3-18.6 miles)
  • Incline: 15° Uphill
  • Suspension: Front & Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Weight: 9.1kg/20 lbs




24V/4-10Ah Custom Battery


5.5-inch Tubeless Tyres

Dual Brake

Front Electronic Brake & Rear Foot Brake


Front & Rear Shock Absorbers


LED Digital Display

LED Light

Bright Headlight & Red Tail Light


20 lbs/9kg Lightweight & Foldable

Lightweight, Slim and Sleek

Only weigh 9kg/20 lbs, one of the lightest electric scooters especially designed for city commuters and entry-level beginners.
Portable, convenient, easy to cart up with a single hand over a long stretch of stairs.

250W Powerful Motor

Allows for 25mph/15.5kph top speed and tackles up to 15 degree uphill with ease.
Riding is the best of two worlds, convenient and fast, making you go to work faster especially in a big city.

Long Range Scooter

The battery can be customized. Depending on 10Ah lithium battery, it can run around 30km/18.64 miles.

Reliable Dual Brakes

Front EBS electronic brake and rear mechanical foot brake, perfect for stopping it quickly and safely even at a fast speed.

Brilliant Suspension

Front and rear shock absorbers give you a smoother ride over pothole-filled city streets, less bumping and shaking.

LED Digital Display

Easy to read the battery power, current speed, and how long you have run, even in the bright light or harsh sunlight.

5.5-inch Tubeless Wheels

No need to worry about puncture and explosion. Enjoy more and worry less.

Detachable Seat

The seat is firmly attached to the scooter deck by screws, to give you a more comfortable ride.
There are two colors open to your choice, classic black and modern write.

LED Bright Headlight

Bright enough to light up your way ahead and make you more visible to vehicles and passersby, safer and more convenient.