Folding Mobility Scooter

Fold up into a rolling suitcase size

  • Motor: 48V, 350W
  • Battery: Panasonic 18650 5.8Ah
  • High Speed: 20km/h (12.4mph)
  • Long Range: 10-25km (6.2-15.5 miles)
  • Weight: 28kg (61.7lbs)

Powerful Motor

350W Hall DC Brushless Motor

Li-ion Battery

Panasonic 18650 48V/5.8Ah Battery

3 Wheels

Tubeless Tyres, Anti-Explosion and Puncture-Free

Safety Brake

Electromagnetic Brake


6L Back Storage Box with Lid


LCD Digital Display

Ergonomic Structure

Comfortable Seat With Backrest

Remote Control

Anti-Theft Alarm

As A Rolling Suitable

Simple storage and transport: FH1 mobility scooter only weigh 28kg (61.7lbs) and can be folded into a small size, to bring you the greatest convenience.

6L back storage box with lid perfect for carrying stuffs.

350W Brushless Motor

Allow for fast, smooth acceleration.
For utmost safety, the top speed of 20km/h (12.4mph) suitable for seniors and the disabled.

Panasonic 18650 Battery

High performance lithium battery has great heat dissipation and energy efficiency.
Compared to other batteries with same capacity, this battery can support electric scooters to run a longer distance.
Battery capacity can be customized. 10Ah battery can run a long range of about 30km (19miles)

Ergonomic Structure

The height and angle of handlebars is adjustable, to meet the different preference and requirement of different riders.
The seat with high backrest is comfortable to lean.

Electromagnetic Brakes

Intuitive Operation easy to operate, even for seniors.
Stop your scooter quickly and safely even at a high speed.

LCD Display

Easy to read the battery power, current speed, and how long you have run.

Anti-Theft Remote Control

Used to lock the electric scooter and the alarm can go off when strangers move the scooter.