ZHENNUO is a manufacturer for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds.

In ZHENNUO, we produce all kinds of light electric vehicles, with lithium battery powered, to meet the increasing demands of “last miles commutes”, “private downtown commutes” and/or “sports funs”. Full product categories and the subdirectories of Zhennuo are as below:

Electric Scooters
   Electric Scooters for kids
   Electric Scooter for Adults
   Electric Scooters for city commutes
   Electric Scooters for Off-road Funs (Come in soon)

Electric Bicycles
    Foldable Electric Bicycles
    Fodable Electric Mopeds

ZHENNUO is a primary factory in the business

ZHENNUO headquarters in Linhai, Zhejiang Province, the eastern of China, a beautiful town with a lot of industries and near to Shanghai. With more than 5000 square meters of the occupation of the production plant and warehouse, Zhennuo is a key supplier, being a primary factory, in the business of electric bikes and scooters. Zhennuo has been manufacturing partner to (big) brands in Europe and America for long.

Strict Quality Control System.

We have been producing and selling electric scooters and electric bikes for 4 years. Our products have been sold across the world. And, we receive the satisfaction of clients, mostly because our products rarely need maintenance and repair. We insist on high quality first. We adopt eco-friendly material, strict quality control, adequate technical support.


    Battery Charge-Discharge Cycle Test

    Riding Simulation Test

Transportation Simulation

ZHENNUO is a reliable wholesaler in China

ZHENNUO’s factory is ISO9001:2015 verified and all the electric bikes and scooters made here are CE & RoHS certificated. More than that, getting ZHENNUO as your Chinese wholesale partner, you may enjoy benefits as shares of fresh up-to-date products, competitive pricing level, quick delivery for small orders, branding support from small start-up orders, technical trainning and English support.

ZHENNUO is able to custom public share system of electric bikes or scooters

More than once, ZHENNUO got involved in public share system of electric scooter fabrication, which asking to integrate solid endurant hardware of sharing electric scooters, operation apps of either of android or iOS and server end software system. So, in case you need this kind of system, let us know.



Company Established in Linhai

Aims to be a primary manufacturer in the business of light electric vehicles.

Factory Found For Producing Electric Bikes and Scooters

With sophisticated engineers in the business joined in, Zhennuo owns its professional teams in product developments and production.

Shenzhen Office Setup

Pushed by a lot of potential business demands from oversea and foreign countries, ZHENNUO decided to set up a sales office in the city Shenzhen, to where many oversea and foreign buyers would drop by. We set samples of our electric bikes and scooters in the office, and we welcome everyone to see and experience our product here.


Guirun Li

Quality Control Department

Guirun Li is a professional quality control engineer, specializing in production procession and industrial standards of electric scooters and electric bikes.

Xiaoming Li

Industrial Designer

Xiaoming Li is a professional industrial designer, specializing in electronic control systems and structural design.

Z. Jiang Hu

Electrical & Electronical Engineer

He has been working in the field of light electric vehicle over 13 years, the core person who enable the products working stably.

J. Long Xie

Architecture Engineer

He worked as architecture engineer for LEV over 8 years. He is passionate. He drew fantastic outlines, and he wants perfect combination as well. He is the person make a product favorate to populars.

ISO 9001:2015 For The Factory & CE for The Products

ISO for Zhennuo Factory for Production of Ebikes & EScooter
CE for Ebikes Produced by Zhejiang Zhennuo